Eric Quesada


I made my first Games with Turbo Pascal when I was 12.
The first one was a Pacman-like game composed by only one short intro and one level.
The source code was ugly, the graphic was ugly… but I never forget it.

Main Game Design Books I read

The Art of Game Design: A book of lenses

The Art of Game Design

by Jesse Schell

Level Up!: The Guide to Great Video Game Design

Level Up!

by Scott Rogers

Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games

Game Design Workshop

by Tracy Fullerton

Theory of Fun for Game Design

Theory of Fun

by Raph Koster

Main Tools I use


Unity 4.3 + 2D Toolkit

A game development platform for 2D & 3D games.

Pyxel Edit

A pixel art editor for arts and tilesets.


An open source 2D game framework for iOS.


An animation tool for 2d games.

Texture Packer

A tool to create sprite sheets.

Physics Editor

A tool to creates collision shapes for physics games.

Particle Designer

Create stunning visual effects with particles.

Glyph Designer

WOW play with beautifully rendered text.


A free tool for graphically laying out sprites, layers and scenes.

Tiled Map Editor

Tiled is a general purpose tile map editor.

Bosca Ceoil

A simple music making program by Terry Cavanagh.


Tool to provide basic sound effects for a game.

bfxr web site


A free Cross-Platform tracker for producing music.


Pickle is a cross-platform pixel editor for creating game animations, repeating tiles and sprite sheets.

Platforms I target


iPhone/iPad with iOS Version >= 5.0


Mobile Phone and Tablet with android Version >= 2.3 (Api Level 9)

MacOSX, Windows, Linux

Platforms I dream to target

XboxOne, Ps4 (+PSVita), WiiU (+N3DS)